Natya & STEM Dance Kampni

Born out of a need to showcase high standards of performances both in the traditional and the contemporary Indian dance idiom, the Natya STEM Dance Kampni is a collaboration between two highly acclaimed institutions namely the NATYAINSTITUTE OF KATHAK & CHOREOGRAPHY and the STEM Dance Kampni. This year at goMAD festival, they will be presenting ‘Perc me up’ – an Indian Contemporary dance showcase comprising excerpts from the Kampni’s vibrant and popular choreographic works.

Headed by internationally acclaimed choreographer Smt Maya Rao(renowned Dancer/ Choreographer and Guru, Recipient of the prestigious President of India Award.) and her daughter Madhu Nataraj, the performing unit has toured 30 countries world-wide winning appreciation from the audience and media alike and marking the Kampni’s presence in the global performing arts scenario.

The Kampni’s founder Madhu Nataraj is a Performer, choreographer, educator and arts entrepreneur The Kampni believes dance is a potent medium for change in the public domain. Ranging from education, social issues, documentation to healing, all its projects aim to materialise this philosophy.

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