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By Edwards N.M., Chen J.M., Mazzeo P.A.

Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. Summarizes the daily administration of transplant donors and recipients, overlaying quite a number surgical suggestions, pathology, and immunosuppression. additionally discusses posttransplant administration, pediatric center transplantation, surgical possible choices, and mechanical circulatory suggestions. For physicians.

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05 U/min) to be effective in supplementing the vasopressor effect (to be discussed later) (3). Neosynephrine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine may be used in low doses to counteract the vasodilation that follows brain death, but they must be titrated carefully so as not to compromise arterial inflow to the abdominal viscera. Acid/base status impacts substantially on inotrope and vasopressor efficacy, thus significant acidemia or alkalemia must be corrected. What Is the Urine Output and How Is It Trending?

27. Houyel L, Petit J, Nottin R, et al. Adult heart transplantation: adverse role of chronic alcoholism in donors on early graft function. J Heart Lung Transplant 1992;11: 1184–1187. 28. Freimark D, Aleksic I, Trento A, et al. Hearts from donors with chronic alcohol use: a possible risk factor for death after transplantation. J Heart Lung Transplant 1996;15(2):150–159. 29. Freimark D, Czer LSC, Admon D, et al. Donors with a history of cocaine use: effect on survival and rejection frequency after heart transplantation.

When a patient enters a higher status, his or her time begins again in that status. The previous time accumulated in the lower status does not move with the patient. However, if a patient had previous time in the higher status, that is added to the new accumulated time, pushing a patient higher on the list. 1, Waiting Time Accrual for Heart Candidates). O blood-type hearts will be offered to O and B blood-type recipients first. 8, ABO Typing for Heart Allocation). A pediatric heart (less than 18 yr) is first offered to all pediatric patients in the accepted weight range.

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