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The program was developed in BASIC on a NOVA 1200 minicomputer and emulates a Star Trek game I originally encountered on the Univac 1108 system at Georgia Tech. The program requires about 2200 16 bit words in its current form, although considerable savings of memory are possible by simply deleting the remarks. While lacking many of the trappings of larger games, the BASIC Star Trek Trainer offers the following advantages: 1) A choice of weapons, phasor banks or photon torpedoes, each turn. 2) Maneuvering commands.

3 ms after the calculations or required actions are complete. Output Timing Sequence The output sequence is specified by placing a logic 0 level on the Y input line. this low level inhibits the operation of the key pressed and key released delays wh ich are not needed for output. The X line transitions are used to clock a counter, Ie 10, which with IC 17 selects the next digit to be placed in the output buffers. " The next digit is found by pulsing the X line again while keeping the Y line low.

5 volts is used to operate the MOS calculator chip. 5 volt supply. These higher voltage signals are applied to the switch matrix made from CMOS Quad Bilateral Switches (ICs 11-14) operating at that higher voltage. The signals are then directly compatible with the calculator chip used. The signals coming from the calculator chip to the output circuitry are buffered to the 5 volt level through the use of CMOS Hex Non-inverting Buffers, ICs 15, 16, 27 and 28. 16 cm) piece of Vectorboard with all wiring done point to point.

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