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But beware! This is only a rule of thumb. As a seasoned photographer you might be able to handhold slower speeds. On the other hand, it does not take any of the subject’s movements into consideration. , you might not get any camera shake, but your subject might move and impose motion blur. The rise of digital cameras has further decreased the validity of this guideline. Smaller sensors magnify the effect of camera shake as does the extreme high resolution current digital cameras provide. The best bet is to go for about double the shutter speed the rule implies.

The first two products also allow you to catalog your work. Most current computers are very well up to the task of image processing. Plenty of RAM and large, fast hard drives are only a minor additional cost, and can improve working speed dramatically. Another important question is what file format to use for the end product—the images that you give to your clients on a CD or DVD, and what you will eventually archive. TIFF is a format that creates huge files and will not have any noticeable quality benefits.

With such a small image angle it’s pretty easy to get yourself out of the reflection. If everything else fails and you just can’t find a spot where you won’t show up in the shot, you may need to resort to retouching to make an otherwise great photo work. 5 Armoires are good for the subject to lean against or to pose with. Examples of posing with mirrors. > pro tip I love the warm shine of table lamps, so if you have a lamp on the bedside table or any furniture in the shot, turn it on! Even better, if your model stands close to the lamp it can serve as an additional light, giving parts of her face a beautiful warm glow.

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