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She was gone. Irretrievably gone. She had died in unimaginable agony. And it was all his fault. All because he’d been so fucking weak. An image flashed into his mind—those glass cases at the jewelry shop. It was there, during his hunt for the perfect ring, that fate had taken that first bitter turn. In hindsight, it was easy to pinpoint the precise moment when he’d lost his soul forever. It was seared into his brain. He would never forget it, even if he lived for another million years. The thought chilled him.

The thought chilled him. He would not live for another million years. Or even another second. Because, technically speaking, he’d been dead since yesterday. He remembered that now, too. And how he’d died. And, in remembering that, a chain of other memories began to unlock, link by link… 3: THE LAST DAY OF DAVID RUCKER’S LIFE Bright overhead lighting enhanced the glitter of the jewels displayed beneath the thick planes of glass, making some of the finer stones sparkle with a radiance that was breathtaking.

It’s a fucking awesome name. ” David nodded eagerly, as if no one had ever said anything so astonishing. “Wow. Romanian. ” She relinquished her grip on his wrist. “Look at her, David. I selected her just for you. ” David nodded again. “Pleased. Yeah. ” “Then take her. Drain the life from her. ” David didn’t need to be told twice, even as her choice of words carved a niggling slice of doubt in what little remained of his conscience. Was she saying he wouldn’t fully be a vampire until he consumed the blood of an innocent?

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