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By Henry Horenstein

This guide is a easy advisor to black-and-white images, masking all of the issues taught in a standard introductory classification. It starts off first and foremost, assuming you recognize little or not anything approximately images, and courses you thru utilizing your digital camera, constructing movie, and making and completing prints.

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When buying an interchangeable lens, note that compatibility is crucial. A lens from one camera manufacturer usually doesn’t fit on a camera from another manufacturer. Your best bet is to buy lenses made specifically for your camera, either from the camera’s manufacturer or from an independent lens maker. Many independent brand lenses are of good quality and relatively affordable, but make sure you specify your camera model when buying any lens to make sure it is compatible. Whether fixed or interchangeable, all lenses control or affect these basic functions: focus, film exposure, angle of view, and depth of field.

An f-stop number is derived by dividing the measured diameter of a particular lens opening into the focal length of its lens. ) For example, suppose you have a lens with a focal length of 50mm. If the diameter of the lens opening measures 25mm, you have an f-stop of f/2 (50 divided by 25); if the diameter measures 5mm, you have an f/stop of f/10 (50 divided by 5), which is between f/8 and f/11. marker points in between two whole f-stop settings. On many newer camera models, the partial f-stops are shown in an LCD display.

The degree of such distortion varies with several factors. The wider the lens, the more likely the distortion. The distortion is more exaggerated when you get very close to the subject or when you tilt the lens up or down. And you may find that more cheaply made lenses show more distortion than high-quality lenses, especially at the edges of the image frame. Telephoto lens. A telephoto lens sees and records a narrower angle of view than a normal lens does. Subjects viewed through a telephoto lens appear magnified, or larger than they really are.

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