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By David A. Winter(auth.)

Content material:
Chapter 1 Biomechanics as an Interdiscipline (pages 1–13):
Chapter 2 sign Processing (pages 14–44):
Chapter three Kinematics (pages 45–81):
Chapter four Anthropometry (pages 82–106):
Chapter five Kinetics: Forces and Moments of strength (pages 107–138):
Chapter 6 Mechanical paintings, power, and gear (pages 139–175):
Chapter 7 Three?Dimensional Kinematics and Kinetics (pages 176–199):
Chapter eight Synthesis of Human Movement—Forward ideas (pages 200–223):
Chapter nine Muscle Mechanics (pages 224–249):
Chapter 10 Kinesiological Electromyography (pages 250–280):
Chapter eleven Biomechanical move Synergies (pages 281–295):

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The Fourier transform of the cross-correlation function is the cross spectral density function, which is used to calculate the coherence function, which is a measure of the common frequencies present in the two signals. This is a valuable tool in determining the transfer function of a system in which you cannot control the frequency content of the input signal. For example, in determining the transfer function of a muscle with EMG as an input and force an output, we cannot control the input frequencies (Bobet and Norman, 1990).

17), we see that for the fundamental frequency (n = 1), we must calculate N sine and N cosine values. For the second harmonic, we recalculate every second sine and cosine value, and for the third harmonic we recalculate every third sine and cosine value, and so on up to the highest harmonic. What the FFT does is calculate all sine and cosine values for the fundamental and this forms a “look-up” table for the fundamental plus all higher harmonics. Further savings are achieved by clustering all the products of xi and the same sine value, then summing all the xi values, and then carrying out one product with the sine value.

Reproduced by permission from Gait and Posture) et al. (2008) reported a study of left and right gluteus medius patterns during a long duration standing manual task. Because these patterns are an excellent example of motor synergies and are also related to another medial/lateral postural strategy their details are presented in Chapter 11. 1 Introduction— Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain All the signals that we measure and analyze have a characteristic frequency content, which we refer to as the signal spectrum; this is a plot of all the harmonics in the signal from the lowest to the highest.

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