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29 and 61-80 (translation, study) 1981 Walker, CBI no. 118 (edition) 1984 Kraus, König. Verfüg, pp. 103-104 (study) 1984 Marzahn and Rost, Ziegeln 1 nos. 1-7 (exs. 7, 10-15, study) 1985 Rost and Marzahn, VAS 23 nos. 1-7 (exs. 2 17 TEXT 1) ^DWGm-šu-ma 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) ÉNSI H) ÉNSI 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) a-šùr. KI al-bi-in 1 e-nu-um ma-ú-ša a-na ba-ab a-ú-ší-im im-qú-tù-nim 1 e-nu-um ša-ni-tum {ma-ú-ša) a-na ba-ab á we-er-tirn ìm-qú-tù-nim 26 Cf.

Entire'. 12-13 Reverse order in ex. 3. 14 Omitted by exs. e. 'of the temple of the god ASšur'. It is fully present in exs. 2-3, 5, 11. 16-18 Omitted by 1-19) Erišum, vice-regent of the god Aššur, son of Ilu-summa, vice-regent of the god Assur, built the entire temple area of the temple of the god Aššur and the Step Gate, the courtyard, (and) the chapel of Aššur for the god Aššur, his lord, for his life and the life of his city. exs. e. 'the courtyard, (and) the chapel of Aššur*. 16-17 Omitted by ex.

31 1 This text is on a stone block found in the oldest foundation of the Aššur temple at Aššur. COMMENTARY ed. According to Meissner the scribe mistakenly repeat- The block (VA 8835, Ass 17186, Ass ph 5105) was discovered in the oldest stone foundation of the southeast wall of the east corner room of the main court of the Assur temple, ÌC3III. Our edition relies on Meissners since the original object could not be locat- ed in lines 21-23 a-na ba-Îa-tì-šu ù ba-la-at a-li-su-maÇÎ) and then erased it.

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