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The Book of Sufi Healing

For the Sufis, the therapeutic of the ill is taken into account to be crucial of all providers to humanity. For the 1st time within the West, the writer offers the key rules and practices of this divine technology, in response to the 800-year culture of the Chishti Order. one of several subject matters lined are nutritional thoughts of the Prophet, the guidance of natural formulation, therapeutic with crucial oils, health problems coming up at quite a few phases of the soul's evolution, fasting and prayer, talismans, and the ''infallible therapy.

Muslims: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices: The Contemporary Period (Library of Religious Beliefs and Practices)

Appears at smooth Muslim perspectives on non secular authority, together with feminism's `new' Islam and indicates how those perspectives impact the belief of the Qur'an and the determine of Muhammad within the conventional perform of Islam.

The Prophet Joseph in the Qur\'an, the Bible, and History

The Qur'anic sura (chapter) of Joseph offers virtually completely with the tale of this noble Prophet, his brothers, and their father Prophet Jacob. because the revelation of the Qur'an fourteen centuries in the past, there were quite a few makes an attempt to interpret this sura. the current research is a surely new examine the sura - together with cautious exam of the historic heritage of its tale and specific comparability with the corresponding Biblical narrative.

Islamic Theology, Philosophy and Law Debating Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya

A distinct selection of stories, the current quantity sheds new mild on principal subject matters of Ibn Taymiyya's (661/1263-728/1328) and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya's (691/1292-751/1350) inspiration and the relevance in their rules to assorted Muslim societies. Investigating their positions in Islamic theology, philosophy and legislation, the contributions speak about quite a lot of matters, e.

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The most natural thing for a homo sapiens to ‘do’ is thinking. In this book, a new methodology is proposed for eliminating these and other consequential problems afflicting the current approaches to and systems of educational preparation of the next generation. A new curriculum approach is proposed in which the role of a teacher shifts to that of students’ partner in learning, rather than an authority figure or learning police disguised as “coach,” “teacher” or “facilitator”. The involvement of students aims to ensure that the maximum creativity is used and that the acquisition of new knowledge remains an indigenous process.

Rather than either the internal authority of a pre-set curriculum or an externally-imposed Authority with a capital “A,” the authors of this book argue that HTM ought to be at the centre of any true or sustainable educational process. The authors suspect that one of the main reasons HTM is not at the centre of education is precisely the potentially subversive Curriculum — The Place 21 impact of its fundamental message on the system’s exercise of “authority” in either its curricular or administrative froms.

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