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A vintage examine of drugs in antiquity, historical medication brings jointly a lot of Ludwig Edelstein's most crucial paintings on an issue that occupied him all through a extraordinary profession. incorporated is his widely recognized translation of and statement at the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to his different writings at the oath which exhibit how strange it's of Greek scientific inspiration. The ebook additionally explores the impact of empiricism and skepticism on Greek and Roman drugs, the perform of anatomy and dietetics in antiquity, and the relation of historical medication to old philosophy.

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390. 1 admit that the u ltimate principies of Pythagorean ethics are not well known, but this much one may venture to say : j ustice played an important rôle in their system . Otherw ise, why should j u stice determine men's rela­ tion to the gods and to ali other creatures in the world (cf. 58 C 4, p. 464, 8 [ D iels­ Kranz] ; Diogenes Laert ius, V I I I , 23 ; lamblichus, De Vita Pythagorica, 1 68) ? Why should Pythagoras have said of salt t hat it shou ld be brought to table to remind us of what is j ust-for salt preserves whatever it sea sons, and it arises from t he purest sources, sun and sea (cf.

P. 4 7 5 , 14-1 7 : µríXtara. voíjaa.. pà. t. 66 This is the Pythagorean doctrine concerning the regimen of the healthy. It is clear, 1 think, that in such a theory bodily and psychic factors are blended in a peculiar way. At the sarne time there is a moral element involved : unhealthy desire is uncontrolled desire ; a decision is to be made between those appetites which ought to be satisfied and those which ought to be d isregarded . Moreover, the Pythagorean teach­ ing, in a strange manner, insists on negative i nstances.

P. 29 7 . 40 Cf. Aristotle, Politics , VI I , 1 335 b 20 ff. 41 Cf. •. Cf. also Dõlger, op. , pp. 7 ff. 42 Cf. Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta, I I , p. 2 13 [Arnim], and also Herophilus (H. Diels, Doxographi Graeci, 1929, V, 15, p. 426). Concerning the Platonists and Neo-Platonists who denied animation of the embryo because the sou! enters the body from without, cf. Kalbfteisch, op. cit. , pp. 5 ff. 18 THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH was an animate being from the moment of conception. D. 43 The sarne can be concluded from the Pythagorean system of physiology as it was outlined in the Hellenistic period by Alexander Polyhistor : the germ is a clot of brain containing hot vapors within it , and soul and sensation are supposed to originate from this vapor.

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