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By R. C. Sheppard

Expert Periodical stories offer systematic and exact evaluate insurance of development within the significant parts of chemical study. Written through specialists of their professional fields the sequence creates a different provider for the energetic examine chemist, offering common severe in-depth bills of development specifically parts of chemistry.

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Lynn and J. W. Purdie, Znternat. J. Radiation Phys. , 1976, 8, 685. 5. Kopoldova and S. Hrncir, Z. , 1977, 32C, 482. N. A. Duzhenkova and A. V. Savich, Khim. Vys. , 1977, 11, 168. L. K. Mee, S. J. Adelstein, C. M. Steinhart, and N. N. , 1977,71,493. M . Faraggi and A. , 1977, 72, 81. r. 313 A sizeable crop of papers has appeared following recent reports of enantioselective photodegradation of DL-amino-acids. Walker 314 again casts doubt (see Vol. 8, p. 16) on the possibility that circularly-polarized light associated with polarized /%radiation can account for this phenomenon, and there is agreement 315 that the selective degradation is the result of ionization and not photodegradation, since too small a fraction of the energy of the radiation appears in the form of light.

Pate1 and M. R. Okun, Physiol. Chem. , 1977, 9, 85. G. Buchi and T. Kamikawa, J. Org. , 1977, 42, 4153. R. L. N. Harris and T. Teitei, Austral. J. , 1977, 30, 649. ~~~~ dehydroalanine in aqueous s ~ l u t i o n13' Modification of the amino-acid amine function can be brought about directly in certain cases, e . g . 142A stereospecific synthesis of (2S,3R)-2-amino-3-mercaptobutyricacid employs Boc-D-allothreonine methyl ester as starting m a t e ~ i a 1 . l ~ ~ The preparation of S-substituted cysteines generally involves routine methods, but the reaction of cysteine with linoleic acid hydroperoxide in ethanol to give (10)-(12) lA4is of particular interest.

J. Schmidt, J. Chromatog. ,1977, 15, 63. F. E. Dwulet and F. R. N. Gurd, Analyt. , 1977, 82, 385. s. detection is required at these 327 or electron-capt~re,~~~ or nitrogen-sensitive 329 detectors which are up to 200 times more sensitive than flame-ionization 6-Aminolaevulinic acid in blood plasma can be determined by conversion into the corresponding pyrrole by reaction with acetylacetone, using 6-amino-5oxohexanoic acid as internal The determination of the optical purity of an amino-acid involves either the separation of the enantiomeric pair of volatile derivatives of the type listed above, on an optically active stationary phase, or the separation of diastereoisomeric pairs formed between the N-trifluoroacetyl- 332-334 or N-pentafluoropropionyl- 335-337 or N-(-)-2-chloroisovaleryl-~~-amino-acidand an optically-active alcohol 333* 337 or amine (L-leucine isopropyl ester 332).

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