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By Peter Aggleton

According to articles selected from the 6th annual 'Social facets of AIDS' convention, this booklet specializes in up to date bills of HIV/AIDS learn and linked social/sexual matters.

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11 This programme was screened during the period of our field work and was cited in some of the subsequent groups to challenge the idea that the virus came from Africa. Several participants in the group of teachers, for example, had watched ‘Monkey Business’, and some of the ideas presented in this programme had confirmed earlier accounts which they recalled as ‘rumours’, although they were not accepted uncritically. When one teacher asserted as fact that AIDS came from Africa, her colleagues commented that this was ‘just theory’.

Other people reported incidents prior to participating in the discussion group which has caused them to alter their opinion. One gay man said he used to think HIV came from Africa but had changed his mind at a Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) conference where a black woman criticized the Trust for their leaflets saying AIDS came from Africa, and the THT ‘admitted that they threw that in without actually knowing. ’ Making Links with One’s Own Oppression (as a White Person). It was not simply exposure to such alternative information which made this gay man change his mind but the fact that people he trusted (the THT workers) accepted the woman’s point and apologized for their error in promoting the African origin idea.

Here ITN puts us in the picture: ‘In Zambia some women’s groups want to ban some of the more suggestive tribal dancing. It’s one of the few admissions that a promiscuous heterosexual lifestyle is a major cause of spreading AIDS’ (ITN 1745. 7 May 1987). Later the BBC tells us that the problem is the: ‘traditional resistance of African men to using condoms’ (BBC1 1800, 19 February 1988). Back in 1987 Channel Four News managed in two sentences to identify three ways in which primitive black Africans were ‘spreading AIDS’: ‘The spread of AIDS is not caused by sexual promiscuity alone….

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