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By Henry J. Hyde (Chairman of the Committee on International Relations)

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If you look at the map showing main cultivation areas (fig. 4), you will see that Hilmand province in the South had 69,000 hectares of poppy fields this year— almost half of all opium grown in Afghanistan, for an extraordinary 160% increase over 2005. It is no coincidence that if you look at the security map (fig. 5), you see the same southern region as most affected. In the provinces of Kandahar, Uruzgan and Hilmand drugs and insurgency feed off of each other: instability enables opium growers and traffickers to prosper, while the opium trade funds insurgency.

The August 5 swearing in of a new Supreme Court, which administers the entire judicial system, will make judicial reform possible, but training a corps of prosecutors, judges, and defense lawyers will take years. The only capacities for dispute resolution and law enforcement that actually exist in much of the country consist of informal village or tribal councils and mullahs who administer a crude interpretation of shari’a. During the years required for reform, the only genuine alternatives before Afghan society will be enforcement of such customary or Islamic law, or no law.

It is sitting in the capital of the Balujistan Province of Pakistan. There is a consensus among all the military commanders and security people that Pakistan has done nothing to disrupt this command center of the Taliban. ’’ The fact that they have been supporting them, arming, organizing them for 20 years through their Secret Service which speaks the same language and lives with them, apparently is insufficient for them to understand what they are doing. This is not credible, and yet our Government continues to take this too much at face value as, Mr.

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