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By Jean Rabe

Proceed your travel of the Ravens Bluff crusade environment, the brightest spot at the Dragon achieve. realize extra new companies, personalities, and officers.

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When the Jack Mooney & Sons Circus is wintering in Ravens Bluff Castron is frequently hired by local nobles to entertain at special functions and birthday parties. Despite all his years with the circus, Castron retains the wide-eyed, child-like wonder that first drew him to Jack’s side. He is thrilled to help with any part of the circus’s operation: rides, signposting, and sitting in for vendors who need a break. He also enjoys working with the Sandmen. He shares a wagon with Joshua Kestrel and the hill giant youth, Thurgh, who Castron hopes he can one day train as an apprentice illusionist.

Isbeau secretly resented his father and would sneak away from home to surround himself with living animals and nature. Animals seemed to like Isbeau, approaching him with little fear. He would spend hours watching birds building nests, beavers constructing dams, and deer grazing. Isbeau’s father considered the youth lazy because of his unexplained disappearances and because he seemed unable to force Isbeau to learn taxidermy skills. However, Harl could force Isbeau into hunting expeditions, even though the boy would not raise a hand against an animal.

Appearance: Castron Salizar is 82 years old, stands 5’4” tall, and weighs 148 pounds. The white-haired, gray-eyed illu38 sionist sports a small potbelly beneath his robes. He usually dresses in dark purples, blues, and greens. Background: Castron, who refuses to mention his birthplace or parents, has been with the Mooney & Sons Circus since its inception. In fact, the illusionist was in the very tavern where Jack Mooney gambled and won the circus. Prior to the circus life, Castron studied with the wizard Dhergard near Candlekeep.

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