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359th Fighter team КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ 359th Fighter crew (Aviation Elite devices 10)ByJack SmithPublisher:Osprey Publishing2002 128 PagesISBN: 184176440XPDF15 MBThe 359th Fighter team first observed motion on thirteen December 1943, it at first flew bomber escort sweeps in P47s, ahead of changing to th P-51 in April 1944. The 359th used to be credited with the destruction of 351 enemy plane among December 1943 and will 1945. The exploits of all 12 aces created by means of the gang are particular, besides the main major missions flown. Nicknamed the 'Unicorns', the 359th FG used to be one of many final teams to reach within the united kingdom for provider within the ETO with the 8th Air strength. First seeing motion on thirteen December 1943, the gang in the beginning flew bomber escort sweeps in P-47s, prior to changing to the ever present P-51 in March/April 1944. all through its time within the ETO, the 359th was once credited with the destruction of 351 enemy plane destroyed among December 1943 and should 1945. The exploits of all 12 aces created via the crowd are particular, in addition to the main major missions flown. This ebook additionally discusses a few of the markings worn by way of the group's 3 squadrons, the 368th, 369th and 370th FSs sharingmatrix zero

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